Monday, May 26, 2008

Athlon Sports: Release 2008 Big Ten Magazine

Since 1974, I have been collecting College Football Magazines. After taking in a couple of YMCA soccer matches (Hawks won 11-0, 7-2) and catching lunch at Tommy's in Cedar Rapids on Saturday morning, I hit Barnes & Noble to pick up my first pre-season college football magazines.

Athlon® Sports: Big Ten Annual with Iowa's QB Jake Christensen and Minnesota's QB Adam Weber on the cover. Will it be Turnaround Time for Iowa as Athlon's cover asks? "Hawks Seek Title Run" is mentioned... not bad for the team pegged 6th in the Big Ten in '08. After 3 off seasons, Iowa hopes to get back to '02-'04 ways.

By the way, I guess I could have saved a little buying on-line. Of course, delivery wasn't until June 15th, and of course, Memorial Day weekend wouldn't be the same without an early football magazine.

Further, I do take advantage of my 10% off at Barnes & Noble, even with magazines.


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