Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's time for the BCS Title Game: January 7, 2010

So, will it be the Texas Longhorns, champions of the Big 12, or will it be the Alabama Crimson Tide, champions of the SEC, tonight in the BCS Title Game. Sorry, it's not a National Championship Game, since there is clearly no playoff involved. We would endorse a +2 system for the traditional bowl games and get the BCS back to just influencing #1 vs. #2 at the end of the bowl season.

Citi BCS National Championship Game
BCS #2 Texas (13-0) vs. BCS #1 Alabama (13-0)

Pasadena, California
The Rose Bowl


ESPN Radio

7 p.m. Central Time

Pick: Texas Longhorns 31, Alabama Crimson Tide 25

BCS Championship pre-game doo-dads: No. 1 vs. 2 - Dallas Morning News (blog)
2 in the final poll and an underdog in this BCS title game, but if recent history is any factor, the Longhorns are in exactly the perfect spot. ...


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