Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting Football week approaching: National Signing Day on Wednesday, with Super Bowl XLV on Sunday

The Class of 2011 will see many sign on the dotted line on Wednesday. Unlike college basketball, there isn't an early signing period in college football. Players who are eligible for January term from junior colleges or graduating early from high school can sign in December or prior to enrollment, but Wednesday is huge in the College Football world with National Signing Day.

The Pro Bowl will be played on Sunday, January 30Th in Hawaii. For the second season, the Pro Bowl is now played the Sunday ahead of the Super Bowl. The NFL typically makes good moves and moving the Pro Bowl, within the window of the season was another example of a good move by the NFL.

Super Bowl XLV should be a great match up, spotlighting two of the better franchises in NFL history.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (7-1 in Super Bowl history, the all-time winning franchise)

  • Green Bay Packers (3-1 in Super Bowl history and winners of the first two games)

It should be a good week for those who enjoy football. There will be some joys and some likely sorrows, as players sign with various colleges throughout the NCAA and the biggest football game of the year is played in Arlington, Texas. The Super Bowl has something for everyone ...

  • Football
  • Commercials
  • Food
  • A gathering with friends and family
  • Music - Black Eyed Peas will be the halftime show
  • Fill in the blank

The only thing missing is a national holiday, after all, the Super Bowl is America's Game!


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