Monday, October 6, 2014

Big 12 Conference fines Iowa State AD after comments following ISU-Oklahoma State football game on Saturday

Big 12In accordance with the Big 12 Conference Principles and Standards of Sportsmanship, the Conference has issued a public reprimand of Iowa State University Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard for his comments following Saturday’s game against Oklahoma State. In addition, the Conference assessed a $25,000 fine for Pollard’s post-game remarks and put him on notice that any similar behavior will result in a more serious penalty.

Mr. Pollard’s public statements called into question the integrity and competence of game officials and the Conference’s officiating program,” stated Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. “To insinuate that games are called unfairly to negatively impact a program is irresponsible and completely baseless.  Accordingly, the seriousness of this violation warrants a public reprimand and a financial penalty. We take pride in our officiating programs and will continue to strive for the highest possible standards and the fairest competition."

The above was the official release from the Big 12 Conference on Monday. Oklahoma defeated Iowa State in Stillwater 37-20, as the Cyclones fall to 0-3 in the Big 12 standings.

In the public statements, Mr. Pollard suggested that ISU's negative vote prior to the 2013 season on Big 12 adding an eighth official may have lead to unfair officiating, which is pretty out there as a conspiracy.

Mr. Pollard claims he's sorry for implying that Iowa State's vote against adding an eighth official in 2013, while the other nine programs all voted in favor of the measure was used against ISU. Mr. Pollard suggested that while he felt a need to defend Iowa State after an overturned review gave the Cowboys a crucial touchdown, he also realizes that he broke the Big 12 Conference's guidelines on sportsmanship.

Clearly, the Big 12 officials missed a blatant holding penalty against Oklahoma State's defense in the Cyclones second offensive series of the game, when TE E.J. Bibbs was held going out on a pass. It upset ISU coach Paul Rhoads throughout the next TV break.

Officiating is a human element of the game. Mistakes get made and yes, they can cost teams, such as Stanford at Notre Dame and Iowa State hosting Texas, in recent seasons.

The Big Ten Conference followed suit ahead of the 2014 season, with the addition of a eighth official. It is interesting Mr. Pollard would suggest such a conspiracy against the Big 12 Conference.

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