Saturday, September 1, 2012

Iowa vs. Northern Illinois at Half

Iowa has scored in two possessions and missed a field goal to score two first half field goals for 6 points.  The Hawkeyes took the early lead and led 3-0 in the first quarter.  Iowa has had some miss communications on defense between the LBs and secondary.  NIU quarterback has taken advantage on QB runs for several drive saving first downs.  The passing gamehas opened up for NIU late, with Iowa secondary playing man on man.

Northern Illinois took an early second quarter lead with a TD run, 7-6 lead. Iowa missed a FG, then hit one to draw it 7-6.  Late FG gave NIU a 10-6 lead.  Unlike 2011, Iowa took to a two minute offense, but ran out of time and execution.

Offense line has allowed pressure on Iowa QB James Vandenberg, which NIU converted to sacks.  Not many injuries and Iowa RT Brett Van Slotten returned, after injuring an ankle in second quarter.  Sophomore RB Damon Bullock ran well.  Iowa wide receivers and tide ends were successful on short passing game beyond line of scrimmage, but not much open spaces in screen game or deep passing game.

Huskies should open second half with the ball up 10-6, as ESPNU gets ready for second half. They are right both teams have played well between 20s.

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