Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ranking the B1G West ahead of Big Ten Title Game: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Clear #1 - Wisconsin

No one is a clearly competitive enough to put at #2 in the B1G West

Not giving 2015 to Minnesota. Nebraska will have a new leader. Iowa has not performed well enough, since division play was established in Big Ten.

Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska have all failed to dethrone Wisconsin this year. Nebraska wasn't close.

Minnesota hasn't beat Minnesota, since 2003. Iowa won a B1G co-championship in 2004. Nebraska hasn't won anything, since 1999.

Mike Riley beat UW at Oregon State. He also got shutout the last game at UW. But, he is moving to Nebraska and the game will have even more importance.

Jerry Kill has beat Iowa and Nebraska, but never Wisconsin or did he win at NIU?
Wisconsin vs. Ohio State.

The Badgers have won B1G Title Games, as Michigan State did last year, after losing first to Wisconsin in the first ever Big Ten title game.

Ohio State has played in one.

Neither Michigan nor Ohio State have won a B1G title game.

Ohio State is there again. Can they join Wisconsin and Michigan State?

Northwestern is the only B1G West team to beat Wisconsin this year, so there is clearly some cink in the armor for the Badgers.

Northwestern can't beat Illinois this year. Illinois may be home for the holidays with the Wildcats and Purdue.

On Wisconsin.

They are #1. But for how long in the Big Ten? They are the favorite today?

Does Ohio State finally become top B1G dog or is probation still holding them back like the miss fire in the Tressel era and 2011 with probation?

2011 - On Wisconsin
2012 - On Wisconsin
2013 - Michigan State
2014 - Ohio State or Wisconsin
2015 - ????

Kirk Ferentz 2015-2017.

The window of opportunity is closing, but not closed for Iowa.

Here's to better days ahead for the Hawkeyes. Here's to the B1G West.


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