Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let's crown five outright Power Five Champs in 2014 with first College Football Playoff

Cedar Rapids, IA -- The new four team playoff creates a better Bowl System. It also provides for a fixed +1 system for a NCAA FBS Championship Game, which structures better than the old BCS system.

The season becomes more interesting with the CFP. The final bowl picture is better handled with 12 teams slotted into six bowls.

The final result should better bowl match-ups with the Top 12 teams matched up. The outright conference team can also be crowned for each Power 5 conference.

The top Two Bowls get a +1 system. It is a bowl system with the top two rated bowls getting a title game (+1).

Iowa fans despite the disappointment can get a great bowl opportunity, since we play in the B1G. As long as you are bowl eligible, the bowl selection process should provide far mar balanced match-ups.

The idea of Iowa vs. Stanford is great. Neither team had the type of season they wanted. But, 15 practices can award each with an opportunity to spring into 2015 with some momentum.

This is a better bowl system with a +1 for top two bowls. The BCS didn't create good match-ups, outside the picking of #1 vs. #2.

So, who should get Top 4 spots?

But, ultimately the Top 11 Power 5 teams and Top non-power conference team will get slotted into a better bowl match-up, than the old BCS.

Baylor vs. TCU would be a good rematch. Not the same as OU vs. Nebraska, but who would be #1 on a neutral field? Who is the outright Big 12 champion for 2014?

Are either worthy of #1 - no.

The Committee should reward Ohio State, since injury hurt them in their lone non-conference loss. The QB injury hit them 2 times and they appear for the most part as plug and play team. They went undefeated In conference play and outright champion.

Let Baylor (8-1) and TCU (8-1) play for a Big 12 outright champion game in this year's bowl picture.

Sugar - Alabama (8-1) vs. Florida State (9-0)

Rose - Oregon (8-1) vs. Ohio State (9-0)

Conference titles matter and the four above won outright titles.

The new system is a great way to preserve and improve bowl system, unlike BCS, and allow for a +1 Game.

TCU vs. Baylor on neutral field would crown an outright Big 12 winner. Let's see the real champion is in 2014.


TCU hadn't played ISU yet, which hurt them in SOS. It helped them previous in the weekly rankings.

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