Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bo Pelini to be next Head Football Coach at Nebraska

Bo Pelini to be named new Head Coach at Nebraska-Lincoln today at 4 pm.

Pelini is a former Ohio State football player.

He began his coaching career as GA under J. Hayden Fry at Iowa.

Coached one year as DC at Nebraska under Coach Frank Solich. Pelini served as interim coach after Frank Solich was dismissed in '03. He enters the full-time position, 1-0 as a Husker Coach, leading Nebraska to victory over Michigan State in '03 Alamo Bowl.

Pelini served a year at OU, as well as the year at Nebraska, so he will bring some experience in the Big 12 to the table. How well he will develop his staff in recruiting will be very important.

Currently DC at LSU, who will likely be heading to play Ohio State in the BCS Title Game, pending a surprise in the Final BCS Poll today.

Dr. Tom Osborne goes outside his own tree of former players and assistants to hire the first-time head coach. Certainly the boosters and fans are happy now in Lincoln.

I know a former Husker football player under Osborne and his wife here in Cedar Rapids will likely be very happy. Certainly, hindsight is 20/20, but Pelini likely needed some seasoning between '03 and '07 to get the head coaching position at Nebraska.

While the 4 years under Bill Callahan wasn't a success or Nebraska, the future is likely brighter having Callahan as a transition coach as opposed to moving Pelini up in '03 to replace Coach Frank Solich, who former AD Steve Pedersen fired, despite a winning season in his sixth year.

The Blackshirts get a defensive minded coach. Will have to wait and see how high the Huskers go under a first-time head coach. The defense needs rebuilding, but the entire program needs leadership and a direction in all three phases of the game.


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