Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rose Bowl should always be for Champions

The 2007 College Football season has shown the BCS needs to be changed, once again.

USC and Ohio State should be facing one another in the 2008 Rose Bowl. Champions of the conferences should face one another each.

Ohio State will go to the BCS Championship, most likely, after Black Saturday for teams like West Virginia, Missouri and others throughout the season.

The BCS should be about #1 vs. #2 only. We need to get back the traditional bowl system, with a plus one game, with the final #1 vs. #2 in that one final game. The BCS Championship Game shouldn't eliminate the Big Ten or Pac Ten champion playing in the Rose Bowl in any year.

The Rose Bowl should be for the Champions of the Big Ten and Pac Ten. The Fiesta would likely have the Big 12 Champion, the Sugar would have the SEC and so forth.

A plus one system would eliminate a team coming off a loss from playing in the BCS Championship. It would allow everyone to play a bowl game, win in that bowl game, and than the final #1 vs. #2 always being two teams that are coming off a win.

It won't happen this year, but the '08 season should get back to traditional champions and a Plus One System. Make it happen BCS!


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