Monday, December 17, 2007

What are the Top 10 College Football Jobs?

Surfing the Rivals Network, I came across the following question: what do you think are the top 10 head coaching jobs in D1 college football? This question was posed by a Nebraska fan, who hired former assistant and most recent LSU DC Bo Pellini as their new head football coach.

What are my Top 10 programs?

1.) Michigan - they are the winninest program to date and just hired Rich Rodriguez as there new coach! While the search was poorly handled in some people's eyes, the final hire by Michigan was very good one.

2.) Southern Cal - not always at the top, but with Coach Pete Carroll bringing the Trojans back to national prominence and the fact LA has no NFL franchises... hard not to put them near the top!

3.) Oklahoma - another program that fell, but Coach Bob Stoops has elevated OU again. This program certainly may be #1, but will give Michigan props today!

4.) Texas - recruiting grounds in the State of Texas make the Longhorns program a very solid one. If Coach Mack Brown exited today, the Longhorns would find a solid replacement (see Michigan)!

5.) LSU - had Coach Les Miles left the Tigers for Michigan, there placement this high on the list would be tested, but with two BCS title appearances in the last 6 years under two different coaches places, LSU is a Top 5 program.

6.) Ohio State - the Buckeyes are under great hands with Coach Jim Tressel and the fact that Big Ten-Pac Ten are tied into the BCS, along with Tressel's success places the Buckeyes up there.

7.) Florida - hard to go against the program that is the current defending national champs. Both Coach Urban Meyer and Coach Steve Spurrier won MNC here... titles in both football and basketball in the same year... doesn't hurt the Gators!

8.) Georgia - location, location, location helps the Bulldogs as a SEC school and when it comes to recruiting. A BCS title is only missing aspect for Georgia.

9.) Tennessee - Rocky Top has the facility (100 plus stadium) and is coming up on ten years removed of a MNC.

10.) Notre Dame - the glitter in South Bend is fading a little, but with its history and NBC television contract I would be remiss not to include the Fighting Irish in the Top Ten. Replacing Charlie Weis shouldn't have the same implications as replacing Coach Ty Willingham.

Two programs that need to find there mojo again: Alabama and Nebraska. Alabama's Coach Nick Saban was a big $$$ coaching hire, but can he win another BCS title at his 2nd school? Nebraska's Coach Bo Pelini has never been a head coach before. He certainly is a better fit than Bill Callahan in Lincoln, but the Huskers haven't won a MNC for 10 years and are on their 3rd coach, since Dr. Tom Osborne retired.

Two programs that have Hall of Fame Coaches, but appear to be showing there rust: Florida State and Penn State. Both programs appear to be on a similar path as Nebraska post-Osborne?

Where's Miami-FL these days? A 5-7 record (2-6 ACC) to close 2007 and a tough road hiring a new coach after the 2006 season certainly knocked the Hurricanes out of the Top Ten.

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