Friday, August 29, 2008

Cedar Rapids Washington Warriors @ Cedar Falls in the Dome tonight

It was a rough start for the Cedar Rapids Washington Warriors at Cedar Falls tonight. Long game tonight highlighted by turnovers, poor execution and penalties for both teams, plus a long sophomore game, which the Warriors won too.

But, the Warriors had enough defense and offense to surprise Cedar Falls in the Dome. Warriors WR/DB Keenan Davis had two very big interceptions, including a pick six to make the game 7-6 Warriors. A big catch after his second interception, lead to a Warrior rushing score, from the 6 yard line by QB Derek Giesking, and a 20-9 lead around the midway part of the second half.

After a quick stop by the Warriors defense, forcing a punt. The Warriors got the football right back. A nice drive by the Warriors was capped off by a 16 yard TD run by junior RB Andre Dawson at the 6:36 mark of the 4th quarter, to give Washington a 28-9 lead.
Warriors forced another out and punt, then it was Dawson grinding out the game with the ground game, on a 26 carry and 135 yard night, unofficially. The Warriors took a knee around the Cedar Falls ten to finish it off.

Final: Cedar Rapids Washington 28
Cedar Falls 9


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