Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoy Iowa Football, but remember to 'Think Before You Drink'

"Our fans are the nation's best--they are enthusiastic and respectful of others.
Many of our fans consume alcohol on game days, and they do so responsibly.
However, a small minority drink too much and cause problems for themselves and
others. To those folks, we say, `Please think before you drink. Don't put a
black eye on the black and gold
~ Gary Barta, U of Iowa AD

The initiative means that UI Police and other officers will be enforcing some new rules and stepping up enforcement of others:
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages in UI parking lots and ramps will be allowed for only one hour after each game, and all tailgating activities must end two hours after the game. In addition, no after-game consumption of alcohol will be allowed for the Oct. 2 night game against Penn State.
  • After the game, police will be emphasizing impaired driving enforcement, which may include vehicle safety checkpoints, increased road patrols, and OWI enforcement teams.
  • The UI encourages all drivers to be safe and sober on their way home.
  • Iowa City's open container ordinance will be strictly enforced. That law prohibits people from carrying open beer, wine and "hard" lemonades on public sidewalks and roads.
    Police will have no tolerance for persons urinating in public.
UI unveils new football game day initiative - ‎UI The Daily Iowan
With the Iowa football season less than three ... event for everyone who comes and enjoys the Hawkeye football games."

The message boards have gone back and forth on the proposals. Will it impede on one's Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness that fans of the Black & Gold thrive for on Iowa GameDay? Most of the items on the list are common sense. For an 11:00 am start, not sure why rushing fans out, who want to continue to eat and be merry is necessary, but time will tell.


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