Saturday, August 14, 2010

How will Iowa circle the wagons in 2010?

How much does Brandon Wegher's personal matters have to do with college football? It was an interesting to read the Quad Cities article provided on the Wegher situation.
"Right now he just needs some time to sort some things out," Coach
Kirk Ferentz said. "It happens in life to all of us. He just needs a little
time right now. Hopefully, he'll choose to return to the team

"We forget sometimes that these are college students and they
have a lot going through their minds
," he added.

"We're a better football team with him," Ferentz said.
"Hopefully, he will come to the conclusion that he really enjoys this."

In August 2002, Iowa had a key performer from the previous season leave the program in the fall camp. He was actually dismissed from the Iowa program. Iowa went on to become an 8-0 Big Ten football team in 2002.

Certainly, the circumstances are completely different between the player in 2002 and the player missing in 2010. But, the leadership of Kirk Ferentz, since he arrived in 1999 in working with young college men, who also play football, has not changed much. Coach Ferentz continues to grow with experience, as he leads the Iowa Football program in '10.

As one preview publication put it this year, "If the Stars Align" - Hawkeye Football 2010, could college football see something special this season from the Iowa football program?


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