Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Election Note: June 3rd Primary in the State of Iowa

Interesting tidbit from the Linn County, Iowa Auditor. In 3-Way Supervisor races, the winner of either the Democrat or Republican Primary must receive at least 35 percent of the primary vote to win.

The State of Iowa conducted its statewide primary today, June 3rd, for U.S. Senate, U.S. House (Iowa has 5 Districts), state house, some state senate races, and county government races.

Linn County is switching from a 3 member supervisor team to a five member supervisor team, now elected by districts. All 3 incumbents are up for election and it will be interesting to see how each does after the change in supervisor makeup in last year's special election.

For Live Results from Linn County, Iowa.

Further, on a national note tonight, after the Democrat presidential primaries in South Dakota and Montana, it appears that both major political parties know their presumptive candidates for their party's nomination for president now.


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