Sunday, June 8, 2008

Take for Higher Ground: Flood of 2008 to Surpass Flood of 1993

Eastern Iowans are reliving the Flood of 1993 today. The Flooding of 2008 is expected to surpass 1993 in both Linn and Johnson Counties, in Iowa.

It's been a tough Spring, so far, with the F5 tornadoes in the State during Memorial Day weekend and now with flooding in various parts of the State, including Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Linn County officials are meeting today to prepare for more flooding.
Sandbags are being filled and residents are fearing more destruction from higher waters from the Flood of 2008.

The National Weather Service flood forecast has been upped today. For Linn County, the expected crest surpasses the Flood of 1993 and is on course to crest at the current record crests of 20 feet in 1851 and 1929.


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