Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is the Iowa-ISU Rivarly in Football Living up to Expectations?

Well, ISU's AD Jamie Pollard and Iowa's AD Gary Barta put things to bed and extended the Cy-Hawk Football Series through 2017 this week.

Well, they need to make one more major change. Please, move the game to late November. Make it the last game of the season for the University of Iowa.

The Iowa-Iowa State rivalry in football is better the Colorado-Colorado State, but is it the best in-state non-conference rivalry game in the Nation? Shouldn't it be better?

The Big Ten has an odd number of teams, so the rotation of Iowa - Wisconsin - Minnesota will always leave one odd team out each season. Last year, Iowa was the team. This year, it's Wisconsin, who will close with Division I-AA (FCS Division) Cal-Poly, while Iowa faces Minnesota. The rest of the Big Ten: PSU-MSU, Michigan-OSU, IU-Purdue, and Northwestern-Illinois. Wouldn't it be a win-win for all in the Big Ten?

Who is Iowa State's regular rival to close the Big 12? Does ISU, in football, clearly have a natural rival better than the University of Iowa. Iowa does have Minnesota... and, Wisconsin has certainly developed as one. I would not count Iowa's top game annually as being the in-state rivalry. It shouldn't be.

On the flip side, who is ISU's natural rivalry in the Big 12? Nebraska-Colorado, K-State-KU, KU-Missouri, but does ISU really have a similar rivalry? Nebraska fans would mention OU before ISU, imo. This is despite the fact they don't play OU regularly, each season, since the Big 12 was formed.

Iowa vs. Iowa State would be a natural rivalry, like the ACC's Georgia Tech and the SEC's Georgia. For a rivalry that has lacked a spark at times in football... at minimum, it could become the Midwest's version of what is found in the South in Georgia.

On Iowa! Go State! Let's see it happen in the State of Iowa!

BTW - Iowa vs. Nebraska and Iowa State vs. Minnesota would appear to be outstanding future non-conference rivalries too. For now, it's Floyd (the Pig), the Bull, and Cy-Hawk!


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