Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So, Street & Smith's sports yearbooks are today's Sporting News sports yearbooks

I picked up the 2008 Sporting News College Football Yearbook at Barnes & Noble tonight. I didn't realize that America's oldest sports annuals, Street & Smith's, bought the Sporting News late last year.

For years I have bought both Street & Smith's and the Sporting News. Well, today, I just discovered the "new" yearbooks will be a "blend of the best" of Street & Smith's and Sporting News yearbooks.

Street & Smith, who now owns the Sporting News, will adopt the Sporting News flag for the annuals.

For what it's worth, what ever happened to Don Heinrich's college annuals? I guess I better look for the best annual, Phil Steele... I didn't find it tonight at Barnes & Noble in Cedar Rapids.

I always bought both Street & Smith's and the Sporting News, I am not sure it will be a great blend. I liked Street & Smith for non-FBS (old Division I-A) information, but there were some interesting aspects of the Sporting News, that appear to be absent the blended magazine.

R.I.P. Street & Smith's... your format will live on in the "new" Sporting News annuals. What new or newer sports annual will fill the void now?


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