Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is the Big Ten Network good for college fans?

Listening to The SportingNewsRadio on XM today, the subject of the Big Ten Network was discussed. Is the Network going to be good from the fans point of view?

Absolutely... getting your brand on TV is very important.

The Big Ten Conference is one of the premier sports brands among all NCAA conferences.

The SEC is now looking into a possible channel for the SEC. The Big Ten's concept is a good one. It will be an excellent way to get non-revenue and revenue sporting events on the air to alumni and fans everywhere. Further, non-sporting event content can be presented as well.

For schools like IU and Minnesota, it is a vehicle to get more games on TV. If it will work for the NFL and MLB to have their own networks, why not for the Big Ten, SEC and other conferences?
As discussed today on XM, the also ran games will make it first. But, just like when ESPN2 was launched, a solid match up will likely be thrown in there to help develop the network.

Right now DirecTV is on board. It it will be interesting to see how the rest of the providers, cable and other satellite, work things out for the Big Ten Network. As a Medicom customer, I will be very disappointed, if the two parties don't get matters sorted out before the end of August, when the Network is launched.

I am looking forward to the Big Ten Network and more Big Ten sporting events available on TV and likely through the Internet in the future. The Internet and TV are certainly crossing lines more and more.


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