Monday, June 25, 2007

Softball collisions and Church Softball

I have participated in the Independent Church Softball League in Cedar Rapids off and on since my youth. Actually, since returning to my hometown after college and work out of state, I have played each season.

Tonight's games were highlighted by collisions at 2nd base taking out the shortstop or 2nd basemen depending on which game.

It's great to go out and compete each week, but the collision is becoming far too often the case when players are running. No one is out there to be the next Derek Jeter or A-Rod, but keeping everyone out of harms way seems to be getting harder and harder.

Even non-contact injuries seem to be par for the course at 3rd base dating back to last season.

At least if something does happen, we have the US Health Care System to depend on. I know a guy from England, who is a weekend warrior in Football, soccer for our Americans. He blew his knee out. But, because of socialized public health care in England, he was put on a waiting list for 6 weeks for his MRI. So much for getting help, if needed.

While I can do without the collisions and injuries in Church Softball, at least I can say I am proud to be an America, despite the good, bad and ugly of our own health care system. Actually, the fellowship of 14 inch Church Softball is very enjoyable. Now, if you are a good hitter with power looking for a church to join and play softball for, then we may want to talk to you. Our team is lacking offense this season.


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