Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Looking for that lost video, anyone?

Surfing the Bluejay Cafe, I ran across some discussion of NCAA On Demand. DVD sales available through the NCAA of various past sports championships or tournament games. As one message board writer mentioned, JayZ wrote:

"Nice. They have a lot of old Creighton tourney games as well as soccer and some baseball too. I would like to get some of those old school basketball games. Like some classic Jordan. The Bird vs Magic championship game. Those tight shorts are brutal though. At $25.00 each, the NCAA sure knows how to make $$$$$."

I could insert a picture, but for the sake anyone reading, I'll pass!

Watch an example of NCAA On Demand: 2000 College Cup Championship. Or, if you prefer a little basketball... here's a sneak of Nick Porter in CU vs. Nevada in 2007.


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