Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lunch with a Lacrosse player last week

My wife and I took a customer of ours out to lunch last week, while he was in town from New Jersey. Getting to know the customer, we got to talking about his hobbies, since he is new to the industry and we wanted to get to know him better. It turns out he is a lacrosse player, who played at Hartford, before transferring to a Division III school, also out East.

He's on the road pitch hitting for an ill colleague, so he is missing his Tuesday/Thursday lacrosse league this summer. Talk about a sport that seems to be on the upswing?

My wife isn't much of a sports fan and she was spoiled attending her first Iowa Football game ever. In 1985, #1 vs. #2, Iowa vs. Michigan at Kinnick Stadium, with the Hawkeyes winning on Houghlin's FG as time expired, 12-10.

In getting started on putting together my first blog, I was admiring the artwork of HawkLax6 that he was sharing with people on the Hawkeye rivals network. Turns out, he is a former member of the University of Iowa's Lacrosse program, small world, after spending my Friday discussing a sport that you don't catch all that often in Cedar Rapids.

Here's my salute to those post-graduate lacrosse players this week. Like Rugby, what a sport to enjoy on your off-time.

Call me a wimp, since basketball, softball, golf and bowling are about all I work in these days on my off-time. For those rugby and lacrosse players, we salute you for continuing your passion!


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