Sunday, June 24, 2007

Strength in the Classroom leads to Wins on the Field

Success in Athletics: a Mix of sports and academics, according to Sociologists' at the University of Maryland and the University of Iowa who have developed the Student Athlete Performance Ratings. The SAPR is the brainchild of Jeffrey Lucas, associate professor of sociology at Maryland, and Michael Lovaglia, professor of sociology at Iowa as reported in an article today in The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) by John Riehl.

The SAPR can provide recruits for college football or college basketball a way to measure a programs success in athletics with that schools ability to deliver a quality college degree.

Some of my favorite programs in both football and college basketball fair well in the recent SAPR rankings. The Iowa Hawkeye football program ranked 12th, tied with Oklahoma. The Creighton Bluejay basketball program finished 20th in the most recent basketball SAPR rankings.


Former Governor Tommy Thompson wins Linn Country Republican Straw Poll and speaks to locals at event this weekend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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