Sunday, April 27, 2008

The 2008 Draft is certainly not about Headliners, but solid depth...

Where's the Headliners?
Nothing against Michigan's Jake Long, but the 3rd offensive tackle taken #1 in NFL Draft history isn't what headlines are supposed to be about. Solid pickup for the Miami Dolphins, especially when we begin to talk about Miami's additional picks, especially Long's teammate QB Chad Henne, taken in the 2nd round.
The NFL Draft in 2008 is about the business. It's not headliners, but a Draft that appears to filled with depth and opportunities for a variety of teams and players.
First, the NFL did everyone a favor by cutting down the amount of time and rounds for Day 1. Further, Day 2 starting with the 3rd Round will provide better format. Six hours for Day 1 is enough. Glad to see shorter time between picks in Round 1. Glad to see Green Bay trade down and gain another pick in the 2nd round.
Jake Long should be a good offensive tackle for Miami. If his career falls somewhere between Ron Yary and Orlando Pace, the Dolphins should be happy and Long should have a very solid NFL career. Yary in 1967 out of USC and Pace in 1997 out of rival Ohio State, were the two previous offensive tackles taken with the first pick of the draft.
Iowa's CB Charles Godfrey was selected by Carolina in the 3rd Round. A good example of depth of the 2008 Draft. Godfrey played both cornerback and safety while at Iowa.