Sunday, December 8, 2013

The final season of Leaders, Legends and BCS has come: The envelop please ...

Michigan State vs. Stanford in Rose Bowl, in the 100th Game!

At least Ohio State made the B1G Title Game for the first time in three years. Michigan, not at all. Little Brother in MI is at the top of the B1G!

B1G East in 2014 
1) MSU (8-0) - Rose Bowl bound for the first time in 26 years!
2) OSU (8-0) - at large BCS for Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes!
3) PSU (4-4) - probation
4) Michigan (3-5) - hearing they may be headed to Tempe for a date with K-State?
5) Maryland (3-5 ACC Atlantic) - Will they be in the Military vs. someone like Marshall or could they fall to B1G spot in Detroit?
6) Rutgers (3-5 in AAC) - and the will play Notre Dame in Pinstripe Bowl!
7) Indiana (3-5) - The Hoosiers are in the cellar, with state rival Purdue headed to the B1G West.

B1G West in 2014
1) Wisconsin (6-2) - Should be Cap 1 for 2013!
2) Iowa (5-3) - Should be Outback for 2014!
3) Nebraska (5-3) - Next, would be the Gator for the Cornhuskers?
4) Minnesota (5-3) - The Texas Bowl is not on January 1, so Big Ten fans can see it ...
5) Northwestern (1-7) - The season didn't pan out ...
6) Illinois (1-7) - Welcome back to Iowa's schedule for the first time, since '08.
7) Purdue (0-8) - Still in the cellar, though it is out West.

With departures, division realignment and new schedules, the Big Ten pecking order will likely see wholesale changes in the coming season. Here's to the Holidays!

The era of Leaders and Legends has passed. The Leaders won the first two titles, but the Legends finished it off in Year 3, with the Michigan State Spartans winning it all.

If the new Final 4 was happening this season:

1. Auburn (12-1) - the SEC schedule in the West was better
2. Florida State (13-0) - the ACC is a little soft, but they made the playoffs
3. Alabama (11-1) - the reigning champs would still be in the hunt
4. Michigan State (12-1) - the B1G isn't as soft as once suspected ...   

But, we will have to wait until next year ...

So, the final BCS Title Game will be Florida State (13-0) vs. Auburn (12-1) in Pasadena for the final game.

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