Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Should Notre Dame be the 12th team in the Big Ten?

Listening the Colin Cowherd today discuss Notre Dame athletics... I have to ask?

Should Notre Dame be in a football conference?

Charlie Weis has a young team at Notre Dame. The expectations are clearly out of whack. I agree with Colin Cowherd, only 3-4 teams are in the discussion year in and year out for the BCS Title Game. Notre Dame isn't likely to be one any time soon, if ever.

What does Notre Dame have to really play for? They are #2 among Catholic universities for football. Boston College owns them. Heck, they likely will find another way to toss them off the schedule to avoid the pain of it all.

It's too bad Notre Dame isn't a part of the Big East Conference for football. Though, they would already have a loss, since Pittsburgh took the Fighting Irish out in OT this year.

I wish Kevin White, new AD at Duke all the best. At least Duke is showing some life this fall in football. Heck, maybe Duke football can pass Notre Dame in the near future too.


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