Saturday, December 13, 2008

Five finalists would be worthy for the Heisman Presentation and College Football

Is the Heisman Trophy losing it's luster? Is it becoming another award for the nation's top quarterback in college football?

From Wikipedia...
"The Heisman
Memorial Trophy Award
(often known simply as the Heisman Trophy
or The
Heisman), named after the former
coach John Heisman,
is awarded annually by the
Downtown Athletic
of New York City
to the most outstanding player in collegiate football."

We know the Top 3, who are attending the 74Th presentation today in New York City on ESPN are all quarterbacks. But, why not invite some non-quarterbacks? The award is about the outstanding player in collegiate football. There is clearly more to football than strong quarterback play.

Who would cidsports invite? Well, the Top 3 are all worthy of attendance. Any of the three are outstanding players and you could argue worthy of the 2008 award. The next two that should have been invited were a running back and a wide receiver.

Iowa's Shonn Greene clearly displayed he was the most outstanding running back in college football in 2008. Further, his story was worthy of tribute through an invitation. He is the only running back to run for 100 yards in all 12 regular season games. Further, he averaged a very solid 6.2 yards per carry. The Heisman isn't for the best quarterback, but best college football player. The absence of non-quarterbacks is simply bad for college football.
Shonn has been consistently dominant throughout the season and his
performances in big
games have been the key to Iowa’s success
,” said
CBS’ Verne Lundquist, a member of the Doak Walker Award National Selection
Committee and presenter of the 2008 Award.

The next player would be a wide receiver. Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree is the best wide receiver in college football. His catch in the Texas game likely cost the University of Texas the BCS title game and likely will cost Texas QB Colt McCoy the Heisman Trophy. An undefeated Texas team would be hard to not consider McCoy the nation's most outstanding player in 2008.

Some would say what about Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell? Isn't he worthy of an invitation. Yes, he had a very good season in the Texas Tech offensive system. However, for one, I don't think he is his team's top player, let alone the most outstanding player in college football. Of the six players being discussed, I think the loss of Harrell would have the least impact for their teams. Maybe, I am giving too much credit for little known, Taylor Potts, Harrell's backup.

So, the two finalists for the Heisman Trophy in my book are two quarterbacks. By, the way, I would have placed RB Shonn Greene in the Top 3, if I had the opportunity to cast a ballot. I don't always agree with Mike Hlas, but I do on this occasion about Greene, not Harrell, since I don't see Harrell in the Top 3 among quarterbacks nationally.

So, who should be the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner? The Walter Camp Award winner, like 2007, is out of contention in my book. Here are cidsports Top 3 for 2008:
  1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma (outstanding Big 12 statistics in passing)
  2. Tim Tebow, Florida (2007 Heisman Winner - great story following 'Ole Miss loss)
  3. Shonn Greene, Iowa (Football is more than a strong quarterback)

One final note:

Good luck to the Northern Iowa Panthers in there Division I semi-final football game coming up on ESPN at 3 pm Central Time. Yes, there are playoffs in Division I college football, it's called the FCS. This year's Heisman is for FBS players in Division I.


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