Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. South Carolina

Statistics... Breaking down the Outback Bowl opponents for the 2009 Game!
Iowa Hawkeyes (8-4) finished 5-3 in the Big Ten, tied for fourth with Northwestern. Iowa's offense is lead with run offense, followed by a very solid defense.

South Carolina Gamecocks (7-5) finished 4-4 in the SEC, tied for third in the SEC East with Vanderbilt. Contrasting Iowa, the South Carolina's offense is a passing attack, followed up by a very solid defense.

Iowa's statistics in the Big Ten vs. South Carolina's statistics in the SEC...
Early thoughts:
  1. Defense and running game... both teams look solid defensively, but Iowa brings the running game (#3 in the Big Ten). South Carolina is dead last in rushing offense among their SEC teams. Iowa is lead by all-American running back #23 Shonn Greene, a junior.
  2. South Carolina threw for 218.5 yards per game (#3 in SEC) and as compared to Big Ten's top passing offense, just ahead of Northwestern (216.1 yards per game #5 in Big Ten). Iowa lost to Northwestern 17-22 fueled by five Iowa turnovers.
  3. South Carolina had the #1 pass defense among SEC teams at 160.2 yards per game. Purdue lead the Big Ten at 152.5 yards per game and Penn State was next at 167 yards per game in pass defense. Iowa beat both teams at Kinnick this year.
  4. South Carolina tied for last in turnover margin (w/ Arkansas) in the SEC, while Iowa was third in the Big Ten in turnover margin.
  5. Iowa QB #12 Ricky Stanzi, sophomore, is rated #4 in pass efficiency (132.2) in the Big Ten, while the South Carolina QB #5 Chris Smelley, also a sophomore, is rated #7 in pass efficiency (115.2) in the SEC.

Another classic Big Ten - SEC showdown in the Outback Bowl for the two conferences.


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