Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vegas was right to begin with: Pitt by 1 over Iowa

Shonn Greene - Star of the Day...

Iowa is better than last year. Sadly, we loss our first road test. Thankfully, Iowa beat ISU and will enter the Big Ten 3-1 this year, rather than 2-1.

Iowa left a lot of plays out on the field.

Special teams - break downs...missed FG bad snap leading to bad punt and change in field position break downs on the return coverage break downs on punt returns - Iowa allowed the ball to drop a little more this game than early in the season... remember the sliding catches at Kinnick.

The coaching staff played the odds and lost with Jake Christensen. Is it all terrible.

I don't think so, if Iowa moves to Ricky Stanzi at quarterback.

The coaching staff need to pull Christensen as a starter... period.

Let Stanzi play things out. You can bring Christensen as a sub, a reliever, which is the best he likely will ever be.

Iowa's offense, defense and special teams need to get ready for the real season.

Should Iowa be 3-1? Yes.
Could Iowa have been 4-0. Yes.

Iowa's most important game in September is the Big Ten opener. I know many will say ISU.

But, it's really Northwestern.

Iowa know has the taste of loss in their mouths.

This was a TEAM loss. Let's see what the character is of this team.

The coaching staff made some plays today.

But, we saw another good, bad, and ugly game.

On Iowa!


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