Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ten Years of the BCS... 1998 to 2007

The 2008 season represents the 10th year anniversary of the BCS System, involving all of the BCS conferences, including the Big Ten and Pac Ten conferences.
1998 - Tennessee (13-0) beat Florida State (11-2) in the Fiesta Bowl, 23-16, to win the first complete BCS Title. SEC 1st.
1999- Florida State (12-0) beat Virginia Tech (11-1) in the Sugar Bowl, 46-29. ACC 1st.
2000 - Oklahoma (13-0) beat defending champion Florida State (11-2) in the Orange Bowl, 13-2. Big 12 1st.
2001 - Miami-Florida (12-0) beat Nebraska (11-2) in the Rose Bowl, 37-14. Big East 1st.
2002 - Ohio State (14-0) beat defending champion Miami-FL (12-1) in the Fiesta Bowl, 31-24 ot. Big Ten 1st.
2003 - LSU (13-1) beat Oklahoma (12-2) in the Sugar Bowl, 21-14. SEC 2nd.
2004 - USC (13-0) beat Oklahoma (12-1) in the Orange Bowl, 55-19. Pac Ten 1st.
2005 - Texas (13-0) beat defending champion USC (12-1) in the Rose Bowl, 41-38. Big 12 2nd.
2006 - Florida (13-1) beat Ohio State (12-1) in the BCS Title Game, 41-14. SEC 3rd.
2007 - LSU (12-2) beat Ohio State (11-2) in the BCS Title Game, 38-24. SEC 4th.
In ten BCS Title Games, the SEC is now 4-0 in championship games. LSU is the only team with two BCS titles. Florida State, Oklahoma and Ohio State each have one BCS title in three appearances.
The 2008 season will be an interesting race to South Florida and the 2009 BCS National Championship Game. A SEC team is clearly favored as the top conference right now. The Big East Conference doesn't have a current member that has played or won a BCS title. Miami-FL is now an ACC member.

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