Thursday, July 31, 2008

ESPN's Most Hated: Big 12 Conference

Historically, my favorite Big 12 teams are:
  1. Nebraska - early days of Dr. Tom Osborne (football only).

  2. Texas - I loved Earl Campbell back in his day as a Longhorn - plus I enjoyed my visit in '06 to Austin, when I caught the Iowa State vs. Texas football game, while in Austin on business.

  3. Oklahoma - I was a Bob Stoops fan when he wore #41 at SS for the Hawkeyes in 1979 to 1982. Though, I have often rooted for OU over Texas in Red River Shootout, even before the Big 8-SWC merged into the Big 12.

  4. Iowa State - Former coach Dan McCarney softened my views on the Cyclones. And, the Solich/Callahan era at Nebraska didn't hurt.

I can't say I like everyone in the Big 12 though. But, I do root for the underdog on occasion. Les Miles wins at Okie State over OU were interesting games, but overall, I am not a Cowboys fan.

The poll conducted by ESPN is for all-sports... my rankings of 1-4 are for football only.


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