Friday, July 4, 2008

Who is the #1 College Football team for 2008?

Last year, LSU won the title. The SEC has won back to back BCS Titles with LSU and Florida, in 2006.

For other conferences, the Big 12's last title was Texas, in 2005. The Pac Ten's last title was USC, 2004. The Big Ten's last title was Ohio State, in 2002. The Big East's last title was Miami-Fl, in 2001. Of course, three former Big East teams are now in the ACC, including the Hurricanes. The ACC last title was Florida State, in 1999.

1998 was the first year of the Bowl Championship Series, so we have completed 10 seasons now of champions:
  • 2007 LSU
  • 2006 Florida
  • 2005 Texas
  • 2004 USC
  • 2003 LSU
  • 2002 Ohio State
  • 2001 Miami-Florida
  • 2000 Oklahoma
  • 1999 Florida State
  • 1998 Tennessee

So, who will be the 11th BCS Champions in 2008? Who is the favorite for the 2008 BCS Championship?

Veteran leadership at QB appears to be a key for BCS Champions. Both LSU and Florida, had senior QBs. But, what is clear, your team better be very strong defensively.

While you want to bring a pretty good offense and special teams to the table, defense wins championships in college football. Both LSU and Florida were lead first, by Top 10 defenses, as were basically all the BCS Champions this decade.

The 2008 Florida is a popular choice, looking at Phil Steele and Athlon's #1 picks for 2008. Florida is expected have an outstanding offense and special teams. But, is the defense truly a Top 10 defense this year? Strong defenses have been the common denominator for BCS champions? Further, Florida would appear to have pretty strong schedule, compared to the past two champions, who both came from the SEC.

Lindy's and the Sporting News are both going SEC, as well. But, Georgia is the team on their minds for #1. Georgia's schedule is projected by many to be one of the nation's toughest. While they are projected to have a strong defense, will the strength of schedule get the better of the Bulldogs and knock them out of title contention?

Sure Fire Scouting is aiming at the USC Trojans as the #1 for 2008. USC is expected to have one of the best defenses in college football and certainly the tops in the Pac Ten. The Pac Ten crowns a true champion now, making it the best conference schedule among the top BCS conferences. But, will this lead to a dangerous let down for the Trojan, when you have to play all 9 conference opponents?

Other teams to watch from other conferences:
  • Ohio State from the Big Ten Conference, the Buckeyes are shooting for their 3rd straight BCS Title Game... if successful again, I will go with OHIO STATE for the title in '08! Toughest game for OSU will likely come out of conference, with a trip to USC in September.
  • Clemson appears to be the clear favorite in the ACC for '08. Could the Tigers become the top sleeper for BCS Title Game in '08?
  • West Virginia appears to be the clear favorite in the Big East for 2008, but with a new head coach... the title game appears to be a real long shot for the Big East's top program.
  • Who in the Big 12? Missouri vs. Oklahoma for the Big 12 title and automatic bid for a BCS title game? OU hasn't made it to the BCS top game, since back to back visits in '03 and '04.
  • Conference USA - Will likely have to wait again for its first BCS bid year.
  • Mid American Conference - Nope!
  • Mountain West Conference - BYU is the favorite to carry the banner for the non-BCS teams in '08, but the MWC hasn't had a BCS bowl game participant, since the 2004 season.
  • Sun Belt Conference - No BCS candidates, but Florida Atlantic appears to be the clear conference favorite for '08.
  • Western Athletic - Strongest non-BCS conference the past two seasons ('06 and '07), but unlikely a candidate for 2008.
  • Independent - Notre Dame played in BCS games during Coach Weis' first two seasons ('05 and '06). While a return to bowl game is possible for '08, Notre Dame suffered it's worst season last year in my lifetime... so, a BCS bowl game is unlikely.


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