Friday, July 11, 2008

Should he stay or should he go?

What should the Green Bay Packers do? Should he stay or should he go? Yes, The Clash song comes to mind, after hearing the news today that Brett Favre may want to revive his short-planned retirement from the National Football League. Of course the song used the word "I" and the real decision is with the Packers now, since retirement was the original plan for Brett Favre.

Wow, what a nice situation developing in Green Bay over one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. Clearly, Favre is a QB that has skills, despite his original plans for retirement after last season. But, he also is in his final years of playing.

It's a tough situation for the Green Bay Packers. At some point, the Packers have to implement plans for life after Brett Favre as their quarterback. With Favre's original plans to retire this season, the Packers clearly began setting things into play for life without Brett Favre.

As a Green Bay fan and a person who has enjoyed the Brett Favre era over the years, I am not sure allowing Brett Favre to walk is a good move for the Packers. I guess Favre wants to take a page out of Joe Montana's playbook and play for another team.

It's too bad Brett Favre had a change in plans. I was hoping to see him retire as a Packer. The Packers do need a veteran QB in the mix with Aaron Rodgers and Brian Brohm, but I didn't figure it should be Brett Favre. The Packers should receive something for Favre, if he wants to go elsewhere?


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