Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I want to talk to Ken O'Keefe now Coach

Apparently when The Gazette's Jim Ecker wants to talk to one of Iowa's assistant coaches... it should be on Ecker's schedule and not coach Kirk Ferentz's schedule. Today, Ecker wrote a column piece referenced as "Hawkeye fans would love to hear from O'Keefe."

Ironically, Iowa City Press-Citizen sports columnist Pat Harty reflected on Ecker's piece in an article referenced as "Get facts straight before attacking coach." One point Harty points out is Ferentz has indicated already that during the bye week, which is after this week's Wisconsin game, Iowa's coordinators would be made available for interviews.

I guess Ecker wants his "15 minutes of fame" with coach Ken O'Keefe now. And, for Ecker, he means right now.

Coach Ferentz is available for questions with the media. As head coach, at today's media conference he stated the following...

"I'll give you an explanation on how I do things. First and foremost, when I
hire a coach, the number one thing I'm looking for are good people; secondly,
guys that are good teachers; thirdly, and it kind of goes along with teaching, I
think we want people that really do a nice job with young people and care about
young people and really are coaching for those reasons, looking out for the best
interest of their players.

And not at all on my criteria list is media savvy. I just don't even rank
that. But that being said, Norm and Ken would do a far better job at these
Tuesdays with the media outings than I would. I promise you'd enjoy those guys a
lot more. And I think that's probably true of most of our staff."

Ecker's reputation with the Iowa program is questionable at best. His recent piece on the State of the Iowa State program appears premature, after ISU's hard loss at Baylor on Saturday night. Now, it appears Ecker is premature on the Iowa media access of the coaching staff. It sounds like Ecker should look at his spam... often there are plenty of cures for premature problems found in a person's spam. Now, we need to find a way to filter Ecker and his articles.


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