Friday, October 17, 2008

The penalty for underage drinking, while on the Iowa Football team is 6 weeks

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has suspended another player from Iowa Hawkeye football team. This time it will be even more personal, since it is his son, freshman James Ferentz.

Six weeks is the rest of the regular season for the young freshman. PAULA or underage drinking is a severe punishment at the University of Iowa, for members of the football team that is.

A reserve player, sophomore Dezman Moses, is currently serving a six week suspension for an alcohol offense.

The punishment at the University of Iowa is clearly ironic, when you consider the movement by over 100 college institutions for lower the age. Is lowering the drinking age the right move? Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving are against a change. But, they may want to simply remove all drinking?


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