Sunday, October 12, 2008

Iowa rebounds in Bloomington with 45-9 win; ends 3 game slide

The Iowa Hawkeyes (4-3, 1-2 Big Ten) win all three phases of the game (offense, defense, special teams) in putting together 45-9 win over Indiana (2-4, 0-3 Big Ten) in Bloomington, Indiana. After three straight losses, totaling nine points, Iowa eliminates all turnovers and took control in the second half, after a 17-9 first half performance.

First year starting quarterback, sophomore Ricky Stanzi, turned in his finest performance, especially in the second half. Iowa's running game, lead by a strong Hawkeye offensive line, saw a less than 100% Shonn Greene continue his 100 yard performances (7 for 7 this season), while true freshman Jewell Hampton compiled his first 100 yard performance as a Hawkeye in his home-state game.

Indiana was dominated in all three phases of the game. Iowa took advantage of inferior line play by the Hoosiers. What was a difference in IU's upset of Iowa in '07 at Kinnick Stadium, was missing this year. IU couldn't keep Iowa out of the backfield on offense and couldn't find a push on defense.

Iowa still has work to do, as they will see their schedule get tougher next week and in the final 4 games of the Big Ten season, after a bye week. Wide receiver Andy Brodell and tight end Brandon Myers have been Stanzi's go-to players. But, Iowa needs to see the passing game continue to mature and grow, others in the passing game need to step up.

Momentum favored Iowa in the second half, with IU quarterback Kellen Lewis's ankle injury. The real difference in the game was the line play on both sides of the field. The Hoosiers decline in '08 is clearly due to poor line play, which is one of the major differences between success by Iowa during the Fry and Ferentz eras.


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