Sunday, August 31, 2008

Does Iowa have a quarterback controversy?

I see the quarterback position right now, junior Jake Christensen's to lose. I would not call Iowa's quarterback situation a controversy.

Christensen under threw a pass for an interception on Iowa's third drive vs. Maine, near the end zone. After Iowa's defense came up with a safety and a 16-0 lead, the Iowa coaching staff gave the keys to sophomore Ricky Stanzi for the rest of the first half. Of course it was planned vs. Maine as the following post game quote mentions.
“I’ll defuse that one,” coach Kirk Ferentz said. “That was part of our
plan. If it would’ve been a touchdown pass, we would’ve gone with our rotation.”
Don't think that during the 2008 season, if mistakes become an issue with Iowa's number one quarterback, that this season, the coaching staff won't make a change at QB. Competition can be a good thing and the Maine game highlighted that. We saw that with the placekicking position, as well. We'll see it at middle linebacker and likely at a secondary position along the way in '08.

Competition is healthy, especially when you are coming off a .500 season, like the Hawkeyes are entering 2008. The Iowa coaching staff doesn't want to see another season of playing down to the competition or worse (IE: Western Michigan game in '07).

The players likely know that, as Christensen alluded to during the post game interviews. For now, Christensen appears number one, there is no controversy and Iowa is 1-0, as opposed to .500 right now.


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