Thursday, August 21, 2008

One Week Left: 2008 College Football season kicks off

One week from today, the 2008 college football season will begin. Also, in the State of Iowa, high school football will begin, with the first week of action.

This will be a huge game for the Jackrabbits, who last year did not face a FBS opponent. As Jackrabbits head coach John Stiegelmeier points out in this "big time" game:

‘‘Normally we talk about a game three, four days before we play it. So we
started six, seven months early,’’ Stiegelmeier said Monday. ‘‘We did that
because things have changed. It’s a higher level. We need to have that focus.’’

Iowa State is on a one game losing streak to FCS programs, after losing to UNI at home in '07. However, the Cyclones are on a two game winning streak at Jack Trice, with back to back Big 12 wins over Colorado and Kansas State in '07.
One week from today... we will kick off the 2008 college football season!


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